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Recruitment Automation Podcast

Max Notis

Welcome to the Recruitment Automation Podcast! RAP is  a weekly podcast, brought to you by Wade & Wendy, your on-demand AI recruitment platform. Hosted by Max Notis, The Recruitment Automation Podcast focuses on the world’s most innovative, efficient, and forward-thinking Recruiting Processes.
Google’s First EU Recruiter: Building Early Teams, Culture, and Swag Bags? (W/ David Bizer, Founder & CEO of Talent Fountain)April 30, 2021 Episode artwork Creating an Agile, Scalable, Mobile Talent Operating Model (w/ Larry Nash, Americas Director of Talent Attraction & Acquisition @EY)April 15, 2021 Episode artwork A Multi-Channeled Approach to DEI & Talent Intelligence (w/ Sharon Garcia, VP of TA @Echo)April 01, 2021 Episode artwork Special Episode: How the Largest Senior Living Facility Navigated the Pandemic (w/ Todd Kizminski, Head of Global TA @Atria Senior Living)March 25, 2021 Episode artwork Chatbots VS Humans: What Do Candidates Prefer? (W/ Mike Seidle, COO & Co-Founder, Work Here))March 12, 2021 Episode artwork Recruitment Marketing & Brand: How to Win Talent & Influence Employees (W/ Alex Her, Global TA & Employer Brand Mgr., Acoustic)March 05, 2021 Episode artwork How to Crowdsource Innovation through Employee Engagement (w/ Diane Circo, Head of US TA @Siemens)February 25, 2021 Episode artwork Early Adopters’ Guide to HR Tech (w/ Phil Strazzulla, CEO/Founder of SelectSoftware Reviews)February 18, 2021 Episode artwork Insights reveal, Culture informs, Experience activates. (with Jeff Mike, Head of Research and Insights at Deloitte’s Human Capital Research & Sensing)February 09, 2021 Episode artwork Post-Acquisition: Creating Harmony in the Face of Uncertainty (with Julia Levy, Head of Global TA at CommScope)January 28, 2021 Episode artwork Why Don’t We Treat Recruiting Like Sales? (with Brittany Sever Sr. Dir. of Diversity and Talent Strategy at Asurion)January 14, 2021 Episode artwork Remote Work Learnings & the Future of Hiring (with Jeff Wiehardt Talent Acquisition Director at Stifel)January 07, 2021 Episode artwork Holiday Special: Reflecting on Recruiting Transformation in 2020 December 30, 2020 Episode artwork Increasing Essential Worker Diversity with Community Partnerships and Technology (with Rishona Harris Director of TA & Development at Centuri Group)December 15, 2020 Episode artwork Taking the Office Home: The Shifting Values of Workplace Culture in the Transition to Remote Work (with Chandler Goldberg, Business Partner at Vox Media)December 10, 2020 Episode artwork Feedback, Transparency, and Automation for Simplification (with Charles Nelson and Tonisha Kilgore of Kelly) December 01, 2020 Episode artwork Not Just Adapting: How PepsiCo. Has Transformed Their Org in the Face of Crisis (with Blair Bennett, SVP of Global TA at PepsiCo.)November 18, 2020 Episode artwork Special Episode: Hiring the Frontline Health Workers to Fight COVID-19 in NYC (with Jamie Grecco, HR Director at NYC Health + Hospitals)November 11, 2020 Episode artwork The Secret(s) to Innovative, Award-Winning Recruiting (with Chloé Rada, Director of TA, Technology and Branding at Sodexo)November 04, 2020 Episode artwork Cracking the Nut on Early Career Hiring (with Heather Colquhoun, Global Director of Talent Acquisition at Hatch)October 29, 2020 Episode artwork Your Tech Stack Shouldn’t Feel Like Jenga (with Alex Murphy and Amy Warren, Co-founders of JobSync) October 23, 2020 Episode artwork Reshaping the Perception of Working in Healthcare (with Yomi Ntewo, Senior Director of TA at Sodexo)October 13, 2020 Episode artwork Tested through Time: A Holistic Candidate and Employee Engagement Process (with Leslie Vander Gheynst, VP of People at Keller Williams Realty)October 06, 2020 Episode artwork Rapid Response Candidate Experience (with Victor Gaines, VP of TA @ Aveanna Health)September 30, 2020 Episode artwork Respect Your Future Employees! (With Anila Brown, Head of Organizational Development and Learning at Harris Computer)September 18, 2020 Episode artwork